Ceramic, Porcelain, Granite, Tumble Stone, Limestone, Onyx, Marble, Glass and Travertine.

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-Porcelain tiles and stones are available in such an enormous range of colors, sizes, and shapes that its design potential is practically infinite.
Trim pieces, and decorative inserts are also available to heighten the interesting effects and mimic architectural detailing.

-Ceramic tile is a natural product made up of clay, a number of other naturally-occurring minerals, and water.

-Porcelain tile is made up of 50% feldspar and is baked under higher temperature than ceramic tile. This makes porcelain tile much harder and more dense than ceramic. Porcelain tile is non-porous, highly stain resistant , and has very low water absorption.Also, it is more scratch resistant then ceramic tile. Porcelain tile can be used for interior, exterior, as well heavy and commercial use.
The surface of most ceramic and porcelain tiles does not need to be sealed. However, grout joints between the tiles is usually very porous and typically will need to be sealed .

-Glaze tile have top layer of glaze.

-Unglazed  tile are a solid color all the way through , this is often referred to as through-body tile. They are typically more dense and durable than glazed tiles.  

-Mosaics tile- Tile size 2x2 and smaller are usually referred to as mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are often used with different colors to create a pattern or decorative insert.

-Grout - The material used to fill the joins between tiles.

-Sanded grout- There are two types of grout commonly used in home installations: Cement based and epoxy based. Both of these grouts may have sand added to them to provide additional strength to the tile joint.

-Sealant- An elastic adhesive compound used to seal tile and stone veneer joints.
A product of nature. A stone such as marble, granite, travertine, slate, onyx.....

Beautiful and luminous, it makes a strong design statement. Granite is available in dozens of colors, and it may be more resistant to bacteria then most other materials. Although granite is the hardest, most durable,and least scratchable of the stones, it is porous and must be sealed.

-Travertine is a type of crystalline limestone with a distinctive layer structure. Some layer contain pores, and depending on the product selected, pores in travertine may be filled or unfilled.

-Slate is primarily composed of mica, chlorite, and quartz. Slate is less porous, durable, and requires no sealing. it's available in black, gray, red, and shades of green.

-Polished finish- A high gloss finish.

-Honed finish- A smooth, satin finish.   ( not shiny )

-Slab- Flat pieces cut from large blocks of stone. Usually 2cm or 3cm, slabs are often fabricated into kitchen countertops.


Routine care and maintenance are essential to maximizing the beauty and life of your floors.
Vacuum, dust mop, or sweep the floor on a daily or weekly basis.
Clean your tile using warm water and a clean non-abrasive cloth sponge or mop.
Use a neutral cleaner that is specially formulated for stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile to help remove spots that sweeping, dusting or vacuuming leave behind.
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